Monday, February 16, 2015

29 Faces - 'tis to beg your counsel I am come

On Friday I got to go play with my good friend, Kim, at her studio and she introduced me to the most amazing new art supply - BRUSHO Colours from Colourcraft and Color Burst by Ken Oliver.
(I got inspired by the colors on this girl's robe)
They are teeny tiny color particles (powder) that mix with water to make amazing effects!  Just the tiniest amount bursts into fabulous color!!
I experimented on lots of little ATC backgrounds - here are some of my favorites!  I have got to get my hands on some of these for myself!!
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Anonymous said...

You're going to have so much fun. I love Brusho!
Stay inspired!

alarmcat said... art supplies!! what pretty effects. i think i like the orange one and the blue/green background. i just love bright colors!!

pauline said...

Michelle, these colours are all so beautiful! At first, i thought that lovely woman with the gorgeous robe was holding your artwork and I thought "WOW!! That looks fabulous next to her colourful robe!!" ;-) Then i slowly clued in that it was a cut out (from a magazine or book). Still, your girl looks incredible there. And those deep colours look amazing. Thanks for the info! xx

Selma said...

Nicely drawn faces. I like them all.
I like your style :)

Erin Vaganos said...

Beautiful colors!