Friday, February 6, 2015

29 Faces - what's happened to me

I've gotten a lot of comments on the little quotes that I've been using on these girls - This batch has snippets clipped from a 1965 book called The Year of Janie's Diary.  Poor Janie - she has serious issues with her weight and skin and all she wants is for Greg to notice her.  This book would be so non-PC these days but has yielded a plethora of great little quotes for me to mine for my own use!  Flea markets, Etsy and library sales are great sources to collect up some quirky books to cut up for your own art.
Check out all the fun with 29 Faces!

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I know the feeling!! Love the pink lady and thaks for sharing your quote sources :)

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alarmcat said...

thanks for letting me in on where you get your quotes. definitely quirky!