Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Muse September Calendar page -

Too busy to stamp today and since I never remember to post my current A Muse calendar page I thought I'd remedy that tonight.  The Mushroom Trio stamp from A Muse is one of my favorites but it can be tricky to color with those tiny dots.  Here's a tip straight from HRRJulie - She colors the entire mushroom top and then adds the dots back in with a white gel pen!  She is so smart!!
Here is another page from earlier in the year that is a favorite of mine - If you'd like a calendar of your own for next year check out the sidebar - I'll be teaching a calendar workshop in October at the Doodlebug - chockful of adorable A Muse images and fun A Muse gingham paper!!


jen said...

Too cute!!!
Hope you're too busy having FUN! ;)
Love the tip- and saw your card featured on CARDS today!! :)

Janetcraft said...