Monday, July 16, 2012


How about this crazy canvas??  It is all about circles - big circles, small circles in the basics of black and white.  Not what I intended to make in the beginning but I am kinda in love with it now. 
A fairly big canvas, it is hanging in the hallway outside of our bedroom next to the office.  The circles were not made directly on the canvas.  I recently saw on Tracy Bautista's blog where she said she had made embellishments from Tulip Slick dimensional paint on butcher paper and I just had to try it out.
So I made gobs of circles - black, white and some that were a combo of both.   If you try this technique be prepared to wait a while - it took overnight for the shapes to dry.
Here is one peeled off the paper on my hand.  It reminds me of playing with Colorforms as a kid.  Do you remember those - vinyl people with clothes that you stuck onto a background to make scenes?  Anyway, the plan had been to draw leaves/foliage on the painted canvas but then I saw my sticky circles and decided to try them out.
So I just stuck them on randomly all over the place layering and overlapping at times.  If you don't like where it is you can peel it off and stick it somewhere else!  In fact, in a few months when I get tired of this look I may peel them all off and go with my first idea.
I love all the movement in what is a very simple concept!  BTW - do you want to see what was originally on this canvas?
GASP!!  How ugly is that?!! - This was purchased for our first apartment over 20 years ago and I had held onto it for sentimental reasons - I can still be sentimental knowing that it is the same canvas but reworked to something more jazzy! 
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Michelle V. Alkerton said...

Love your circles. Ooooh, now I've got ideas :).
Stay inspired!

veronica said...

how is that?! removable circles!!!
love them! they look like such fun!
and you can redo the canvas anytime you want! very cool.

Kim Henkel said...

OOHH I love circles, and these are fantastic!

pauline said...

oh Michelle, you are a friggin' genius!! i LOVE the circles, and so love the background color you chose. The painting looks fabulous there on the wall. I'm always impressed when i visit your blog. Love your work (and your wonderful energy!). xoxo

Sharli Schaitberger said...

OMGSH, how creative is that?! I love the final (?) canvas - I kinda hope you don't move them around. But do what you need to! I'll still love the original.