Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Two Girls and a Flower

Well - I spent some time writing some witty things about these girls and their large flower but
blogger ate them all (the witty things - not the flower or the girls) - 
Now I am tired and heading off to bed - 
So enjoy -
Two Girls and a flower.
Plus a fabulous gelatin leaf print.


Anonymous said...

Love the progression of the girls!!! Sorry about the words :(

Schnipseldinge said...

That´s a great page! I love the two girls with their cute faces and the nature elements in your compostion. Your colours are so lovely! Monika

Ali H said...

Sometimes fate tells us you don't need wit if you have talent ! Love the girls - and now I can make up my own story for them ! A poppy for remembrance, blue for sadness at times past. I think the girls are remembering a loved one now passed ahead. Exquisitely sad yet sweet memories. Well that's my story for them. Thanks fr sharing ! Ali x

Janet said...

The expressions on the girl's faces just make me smile. They seem wistful.

veronica said...

i am always amazed by the layering involved! they look great! kinda like the flower is "shelter"ing them. ;)

great leaf too!

DJ said...

very sweet and love seeing the technique

Indigo Janson said...

I saw this on Flickr and thought it was lovely, especially their wistful expressions (yes, Janet and I were thinking along the same lines...)