Saturday, July 28, 2012

Illustration Friday: LONELY

This journal page is for Caleb - my sweet nature loving boy.  I always feel bad that we live in town since he is such an outside kinda kid - at least we have a pretty big yard for him and the dog to frolic about in. Even if it is pouring rain out he will still sit outside in the carport if I let him.
He also has the ability to play outside for hours in his own imaginary worlds.
He found himself alone in nature
 and yet he was not lonely.
Too quickly this time will pass by and he will be a grown man.  His older brother, Connor is already bigger than his father and me.  Where did my babies go??


Janet said...

The journal page is beautiful. I like the quote and the soft colors.

Your son may never outgrow his love of being outside. My son was always like that as a kid and now at almost 49 he still prefers to be outside most of the time.

veronica said...

love the leaves. very cool.
i even like the craft color background!!

Katrin Klink said...

Love the colours and the atmosphere ...

Kimberly Jones said...

That is just so sweet! I love the silhouette! Caleb and Connor are both awesome boys!

Michelle said...

This is so beautiful, Michelle! The sentiment and the depiction of it.