Wednesday, September 19, 2012

29 Faces (Day 19) - Emoticon Face

Emoticons - they are shorthand for today, right?  I am old enough to have taken shorthand in high school many years ago - so sad that I didn't keep up with it - it is such a useful talent to have but seems to be a dying skill - pretty similar to cursive writing.  Did you know that they don't teach cursive at school these days?  My boys had an introduction to cursive in school but since they don't use it in their everyday lives they are losing it quickly.   Seems a shame that with all the advances we enjoy today the basics seem to be disappearing quickly!  There is still a site devoted to shorthand - good stuff!
Check out all the faces this month at Ayala Art!


Jenny Petricek said...

I've taught middle school English for 10 years, and I've also noticed that cursive is a dying form of writing. Some kids don't even know how to sign their own name!

DJ said...

i still love it when i see people writing in shorthand (rarely. but sometimes i see some note takers....)

it is like a secret code!

Ms Schnaderle said...

Love your writing with this cute smily.