Tuesday, September 11, 2012

29 Faces (Day 11) - Collage Girl

"The girl liked to imagine that she is a beauty."
She has Adele's nose and one of Katie Holmes' eyes - how could she not be a beauty?  Often I've heard a person say if she had different features that she would be happier about her appearance.  If that was the case would that individual still be that individual or a different person altogether?
 I've never done a collage face before - took longer to put together than I anticipated, but it was fun cutting up faces and trying different parts out together.  This face is also for the Illustration Friday Challenge - IMAGINATION.
 Check out the fun at Ayala Art this month.


Kimberly Jones said...

This made me think of a fun house mirror! Very cool and different!

Marion Dubois said...

I like how you came up with the idea - from a dictionary, right ?
Clever and fun !

DJ said...