Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy camper?

Are you much of a camper?  I've not done much camping in my life but when my brothers and I were young we camped on a farmer's land.  It was real "roughing it" - no water, electricity, campsites - no nothing.  Just us and nature.  The food was gritty and our faces were dirty but it was fun!  Looking back I'm sure it wasn't so much fun for our moms - looking after wild kids running through the woods, cooking/cleaning in the most primitive of conditions and ALL the work before/after getting ready and then unpacking once we were home.
We've had it easy as adults.  Corey's sister Jen/family live in Seattle and they have all the best camping equipment.  When we've camped with them it has been a blast.  When you are in a forest in the Pacific Northwest and your dinner is toasted bread with Brie, fresh cherries and a glass of wine - and your breakfast is eggs, bacon and a latte made with a tiny propane tank - camping life is good!
BTW - this girl had a too long face - my usual problem - so I chopped her and moved her face closer together - she's like the Frankenstein Camper now.  LOL!

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Sue Marrazzo said...

This looks much better!
I like the textures...NICE!

alarmcat said...

i went camping … once! it's not for me at all.

i do love your painting. the textured background is great.

Danielle M said...

I have been camping...well it was in a cabin. I loved it. Very nice painting!

Fourborne said...

I like both paintings. I let my daughters camp out in backyard. You often forget about ants invading everything. They thought it was fun.

Kimberly Jones said...

I like the sound of your Seattle-style camping! Great memories and beautiful artwork!

veronica said...

love the chopped look. she looks a bit gritty too. very nice!