Saturday, October 29, 2011

"M" Monogram - A thing that I love!!

If you've been around this blog much you know that I love the letter "M"!!  My good friend Kim knows that too.  Look at what she gave me today - 3 new beauties to add to my burgeoning collection!!  She picked these up when she was on vacation recently to Portland and Seattle.  YUP - I'm jealous too!!  Kim and I hadn't had a chance to get together in forever - today we went to Glendale, KY and visited lots of antique stores including this one - now you can be jealous of me too!


Kimberly Jones said...

So happy you liked the "M"s Michelle! Ever since you showed me your collection I see them everywhere I go! Yesterday was so much fun! There's nothing a day spent with a good friend!

veronica said...

cool "M"'s.