Monday, February 25, 2013



After saving her stamps for years, she found it difficult to settle on what to acquire with them. . .
I can relate to this girl - I have points from our bank account that will expire soon and I go online and look at all the choices and invariably can't figure out what to get and log back out.  Whatever I get is free so what is the hangup with me??!!  I think I just need to cash them in on some Amazon gift cards and then I can stop staring at the bank's choices and start staring at the choices at Amazon!
Love the vintage Green Stamps - fun!  An old teabag makes the textural background for this girl. 
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Janet said...

Those Green Stamps take me way back! I think your idea about the Amazon gift cards sounds good. I never have any problem spending $$ on Amazon!!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic art and materials. I do remember those green stamps from when I was a little girl!