Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Less is More Challenge - "Sentiment Focus"

This card is made for the current Less is More Challenge - Sentiment Focus on a one layer card.  I love the sentiment from the On the Wing stamp set from A Muse|Studio.  This particular set includes 4 images (3 birds and a heart) plus 5 sentiments!  That bit of red along the bottom of the card is from Washi Tape -
This is the card I made originally - however, once I read the rules again I realized that I had completely ignored the whole one layer aspect of the card.  Oopsy!  I dig this card though - I think the use of the Washi tape is cool - my husband thinks otherwise - here was our conversation -
ME - Do you like this card - isn't the Washi tape cool?
HIM - It looks like your panel is held on with those pieces of tape -
ME - Ya, that's what it is supposed to look like - isn't that awesome?
HIM - I have no opinion of Washi tape -
ME - ?????
HIM - Your card looks like when I tape something off to paint around it -
He does like Washi tape when it is in clean stripes like on the first card but the torn strip look is more than he can handle -
Which one do you like better -


Chrissie said...

I'm glad you spotted the One Layer requirement Michelle. I'm afraid I'm with your husband on the Washi tape front, but that card isn't the one I'm commenting on in this case... your submission for our challenge is fab... and I love the sentiment!
"Less is More"

Susan said...

Michelle, I hate to say it, but I agree with your hubby. I LOVE the solid line of tape on the first card...

Kimberly Jones said...

I like both cards for different reasons. The first one with the solid line of washi tape looks very clean and graphic. But I think the bits of washi tape on the second card are interesting and unexpected. Very artsy, so it's my favorite! Keep on creating outside the box!

Mandi said...

Your one layer card is FAB
Did laugh at your conversation, sounds like me and hubby lol
Thanks Michelle
Less is More

Sharon said...

I have never heard of Washi tape LOL.

I like both cards but I love the first one best - I like the solid line of colour.

...now off to google washi tape LOL

veronica said...

i like the one layer better.
i DO think the washi tape is cool.

sasa said...

Love your design - modern and bold and that red border is brilliant...
Sarah at 127


Aileen said...

Some times it's best to just not ask!! I like your top card, it works well for this weeks challenge. x

Maggie said...

Lovely card and great colour combo!

Kathy said...

Both cards are great but I admit that I like the one with the clean line of washi tape better. I'm also currently addicted to washi tape and want to put it on everything but don't want it to look random either :-)

Pauline said...

Love them both, but I'm afraid I agree with your hubby!