Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Carla Sonheim - Faces 101

These small watercolored pics are a product of my attempts in the Carla Sonheim Faces 101 class.  In this exercise we made watercolor splotches (approximating face shapes) and then added hair.  The details are mechanical pencil.  My dudes crack me up - wasn't quite sure why I put a mustache on the upper left guy but what goes better with a mustache than a gob of wild hair?  Mr. Green Hair was meant to be a girl but the features were too masculine so I added the scruff - now he's a girly guy.
Girls were much harder to do for me - guess cause I wanted them to be pretty as princesses and they looked more like the evil stepsisters.  My favorite was the gal with purple hair but the males in my family did not agree - I'm having big problems making smiles on the profile pics - they look kinda sad but I guess they looked in the mirror -
Speaking of smiles - our babies started back to school today!  Guess they aren't babies any more - Connor is 14 and started high school and Caleb is 10 and started middle school.  Big transitions for both of them but they were both happy and satisfied with how their days went when I picked them up.  I can't believe how old they are getting but Corey and I are about to have our 21st wedding anniversary so really I guess I can't believe how old we (Corey/me) are getting!!


Becky Rusher said...

I think your faces are great! And what handsome boys you have! :)

Kimberly Jones said...

These faces are so cute! Love the green haired dude so much!
Your boys look so grown up. Hoep they have a wonderful school year!

veronica said...

i love the pink cheeks!

DJ said...

that is a fun exercise to do!! i love how it turned out!! who knew you were a painter too? not me. love the hairdos especially