Friday, July 2, 2010

2010 Stamping Royalty

LOOK what the mailman dropped off today!! My Paper Crafts Stamping Royalty prizes! I was so excited that I tore right into that box!
Look at the totebag - I know that I've been dissing pink here lately but look closer -
It has my name on it!! This is some pink that I will gladly/proudly carry around!! WHOO HOO!! Gotta dash - I'm off to play with my new toys!!


Susan R. Opel said...

LOVE IT!!!!!

Belinda said...

Yay! How cool!!! :)

Vagabond Vintage said...

Congratulations Michelle! Don't forget that picture of you with the tiara! Happy crafting!

jen said...

FUN!!!!!! I too am looking forward to the tiara pic! :)

veronica said...

wow! your name on it and everything. cool!
we want a pic with your crown on!