Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Mass Production - Part II

Corey's sister in Seattle is expecting another baby!! We are so excited! Time to make some baby thank you's. This time Jen is having a boy!! Stella is going to be such a good big sister!!
First step, of course, is to decide the layout of your card - Jen mentioned that she liked this card so I decided to adapt it for baby. Next was time to gather up your materials - The gorgeous shimmer paper (adds so much elegance to a simple card!!) and sentiment are from A Muse; the ducky punch is from The Paper Source.
One important tip I have for mass production is to ALWAYS do your stamping before you assemble your card. Have you ever finished the "perfect" card and then did a bad job stamping the sentiment? I have! - no matter how well you've put your card together a badly stamped sentiment/image will be the thing that draws your eye! What I do is "mock up" my card layout and then stamp - I lay the layers onto the cardstock without gluing down and stamp (doing this ensures that you stamp in the right area of your card) and then move to the next one - I tried to demonstrate that in the above picture. The layers on the bottom are ready to be stamped - the ones above have already been stamped. Another good tip is that if you stamp poorly you can just turn over the cardstock - if you've glued it down you lose that opportunity!
Next step was to glue down the shimmer strip and punch the hole that the bird would peek through - This kind of card is fun cause it is cute when you open the card too!
There it is - a stack of 12 completed cards - took hardly any time at all! I find mass production to be really therapeutic because all the decisions are made at the outset and then you can just relax and craft. Sometimes doing a quick dose of mass production is the antidote when your creative juices seem to be dried up - Being able to construct a finished product makes you happy and can be just the thing to get the creativity moving again!! Happy Stamping!!


jen said...

These are super cute- I'm sure she'll love them!! That ducky peeking through is too sweet! :) And I had to chuckle, since I'm an hour away from Seattle- my name is Jen, and my husband's name is Cory! (yes, spelled differently, but still!)

veronica said...

great layout! and i love the shimmery paper.
i agree, i love mass production mode too.